Finding What Fits with a DIY Home Security Camera

cameras-160997702There are a plethora of options when it comes to a DIY home security camera. The range of products available for purchase can be daunting to those who like to research what they’re doing before they do it—and that includes a great many of the DIY crowd. We’ll help you narrow it down.

When you’re looking to install a DIY home security system, what you’re mostly looking for is functionality—not the coolest looks, or just the cheapest price. When you’re looking into home security, it’s to feel safe and secure in your own home. It’s to feel like you have protected yourself and your belongings from people who want to take what you have and don’t care about what happens to you in the process. So let’s begin with what your security camera is trying to accomplish.

Larcenists. Burglars. Thieves. Robbers. These are words that describe the lot you’re up against when you’re looking into the security of your home. You may think of a guy in a ninja suit trying to climb through your chimney at night, but the reality is a bit scarier. Daytime break-ins are all too common now. The man breaking in might have been studying your house for a while before he decided it was a good target. He might wear a t-shirt and jeans instead of a conspicuous ninja suit. And he probably knows the best places to break into a house. Break-ins commonly take less than 60 seconds. Less than 60 seconds is all the time it takes for someone to break into your house, steal some of your possessions, and steal your sense of security to boot.

Scare Off the Crooks

The thing about these criminals is that they are generally a pretty gutless lot. They will ordinarily flee at the first sign of trouble or home security. So there are two main types of security cameras—hidden cameras, and cameras that are designed to look conspicuous. Hidden cameras can be useful because they can do things like show you who is at the door without them knowing. You can use hidden cameras to review and report suspicious activity around the perimeter of your houseBurglary aftermath 176567451.  Larger cameras are useful because they generally make criminals think twice about how easy a target your house is. The big ones are a great idea for putting on the eaves of the house facing the door, for example—what criminal is going to see that and then try to break in through the door? If you want to rely very heavily on the scare-off tactic, you can always purchase some big security cameras with no internal components—they will be cheaper than functioning security cameras and pack all of the pretense without actually recording anything. The only down side of that is that, in case someone actually attempts a break-in, the fake security cameras will be useless in finding the culprit while the functioning ones can help the police to locate and imprison the would-be intruder.

Be careful with DIY security, though. It is not foolproof, and the surest way to thoroughly blanket the most critical points of interest on your house with surveillance is to use a home security service. The greatest rate of success with home security camera systems is always held by the professionals.