DIY Home Automation Makes Life a Breeze

Remote home control 178895291When you install a DIY home automation system, you will fulfill your coolest fantasies. Have you ever seen Downton Abbey? All the cooks and butlers, valets and lady’s maids… Let’s face it—it’s a pretty cushy life for that landed gentry. Obviously, you would have to be absurdly wealthy to staff a small village of servants in your… ahem… mansion. But you don’t have to be absurdly wealthy to make a DIY staff of technological servants to do your bidding and make your life equally cushy.

Home automation is so far advanced that, for the right price, there is almost nothing that can’t be automated. You want floors that heat up when you wake up in the morning, so that you won’t catch a cold running around on the linoleum? That can happen. You want your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee the moment you turn your alarm off? That can happen too. You want to make sure your doggies and cats are fed at the same time every day, regardless of where you need to be when? Home automation can do that too.

In fact, home automation can act as your butler, preheating the oven in preparation for you to put dinner in, opening doors for you at the touch of a button from your smartphone or with motion sensors, and starting up the hottub at a voice command or upon walking out to the patio where it’s at. You can send small, automated floor cleaners vacuuming the capet and scrubbing the tile while you watch TV. The more automated your home becomes, the more you will feel like you have dozens of servants at your beck and call.

How DIY Works For You

The simplest DIY approach to home automation is to use your smartphone as a sort of universal controller. You can download apps that will perform these functions for you, and then it’s a simple matter of installing the hardware needed to actually make the automation possible: for example, if you want floors that heat up at the push of a button on your smartphone in the morning, you will need to lay down the appropriate heating apparatus below your flooring. You will need to wire the controls to a relay device. You will need to find and purchase an app that allows you to connect to that relay device so that you can just press a button and get luxurious, warm floors  to walk around on.The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305

Obviously that takes quite a bit of work. A very determined and very handy do-it-yourselfer could do it, but it would be a pretty huge project. It would take a lot of research as well, and plausibly be pretty expensive to set everything so that the floor got heated without burning the house down… Ultimately, for bigger projects such as that one, you will do best going to a professional home automation service. They can make your floors heat up in a fraction of the time, without any of the effort, and frankly at about the same cost as if you attempted the whole ordeal yourself. Put in the man hours you would have to take to make the project happen, and it may very well be cheaper to get a professional service to automate such large projects.

Never fear though, do-it-yourselfers! There are definitely smaller, more manageable home automation projects you could take on with some money, some time, and a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease. One more things to note, though, is that if you wish to do a comprehensive home automation project, you will probably also find it much  more afforadable and convenient to purchase a bundle from a home automations service. Use of interconnected technologies designed to work together can cut down on the need to purchase components for and create a whole new home automation system for every aspect of your home that you wish to automate—the doors, the coffee maker, the pet feeder… Regardless of what route you take, know that the life of the landed gentry is not out of reach for anyone any more.